American Poets Abroad

American Poets Abroad e’ un nuovissimo blog dedicato tutto alla poesia! In inglese, ovviamente, visto che e’ il frutto creativo del nostro caro collaboratore Marc Alan Coen. Qui troverete come sempre la sua rubrica di attualita’, The Newyorkers. APA pubblichera’ poesia originale di diversi poeti contemporanei. Da non perdere! American Poets Abroad is a new blog … More American Poets Abroad

Shoah, Not Holocaust

On October 16, 1943 over a thousand Jews were sent from Rome to the German deathcamps. In 1985 Claude Lanzmann released a nine-hour documentary film called Shoah, which he prefers not to call a documentary. He spent eleven years interviewing witnesses, participants and survivors of the atrocities. The film is widely condsidered one of the best … More Shoah, Not Holocaust

Hitchens’ Sacrifice of Isaac

Christopher Hitchens’ recent book is called god is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. The title tells you everything you need to know (and if it doesn’t you probably can’t read). Despite a well-argued defense of atheism, secularism, or simple non-religiosity, the book suffers from one argument in particular that seems hopelessly weak. This is the … More Hitchens’ Sacrifice of Isaac

The Anti-Israel Lobby

Let’s face it: there are two Israel lobbies. The first is represented by those who support Israel, the second by those who oppose it. They are mirror images of each other. Every time one side publishes a book, there is another waiting in the wings to discredit it. Every time one takes the side of Israel, … More The Anti-Israel Lobby

Ahmadinejad’s Double Face

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is being received with open arms at Columbia University in New York City, that bastion of transcultural dialogue. “Columbia’s Dean John H. Coatsworth, in the name of defending the university’s invitation to Ahmadinejad, told Fox News that the institute would have invited Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler to appear before students had … More Ahmadinejad’s Double Face

Cento Chiodi Redux

The worst Italian film of the year, or perhaps the worst film of any year, is arguably Ermanno Olmi’s Cento Chiodi. Briefly, it is the story of a fed-up philosophy professor at the University of Bologna who decides to nail one hundred holy books to the floor using large spikes reminiscent of–what else?–Jesus’ crucifixion. One … More Cento Chiodi Redux

Hard-Boiled, Yiddish Style

What do you get when you throw three million Jews into an Israel-size fingernail clipping of property on the coast of Alaska? Well, for starters, you get a war between Jews and Tlingit, the native Alaskaners. Then you get four hundred pages of snappy dialogue, noodle kugel, and Jewish detectives hungover on Slivovitz panning the streets for a murdered … More Hard-Boiled, Yiddish Style