No heaven for homosexuals?


sexpistols_godsavethequeen.jpgWho could’ve predicted that On. Rocco Buttiglione would quote Johnny Rotten on national television? It may be useful to know that the television is Italian and Buttiglione was most likely unconscious of the Rottenness of his words. However, thirty-one years after the Sex Pistols committed “God Save the Queen” to vinyl, with it’s apocalyptic refrain “No future, no future, no future…for YOU!” , Mr. Buttiglione has done their legacy a great honor. Rotten thought he was preaching to disaffected English youths bored with “Ziggy Stardust”. The idea was that there was no guarantee of a lease on the future for anyone coming of age in the mid-1970’s, which was the essential ethos of punk. Buttiglione’s stroke of genius (whether he knows it or not) was his affirmation of Rotten’s paranoid ranting. In short, in a debate over the “homosexual question” on Giuliano Ferrara’s “Otto e Mezzo”, Buttiglione said to the homosexuals of the world: you have no future. The object of his barb was none other that On. Maurizio Grillini, who had just made his point that gays are capable of love in just the same way  that heterosexuals are. Buttiglione’s smug answer was that, yes, you may kiss and cuddle, break up and make up, screw like rabbits and make lovey-dovey at the movies—but you will never, ever have children. Children represent the future. Consequently, you will  have no future.

Buttiglione’s answer raises a question: what does he mean by “future”? Does he mean that homosexuals will eventually become extinct because of their uselessness to society? Is the bearing of children—while doubtless an important part of being human—the only measure of a person’s worth? Or is his a theological argument? In that case, will there be no salvation for homosexuals and no future in heaven? But how could this theological argument be bent so as not to include Catholic priests and nuns who, despite their undeniable worthiness as human beings, bear no children? Had On.Buttiglione reflected for a moment before having his last laugh at the expense of On. Grillini (and the international gay community), he might have been able to catch his tongue before is slipped out of his mouth. Or was he just being punk?


5 risposte a "No heaven for homosexuals?"

  1. Adding to the writers witty observation I must point out that though gay people don’t multiply by having sex with each other, they may adopt or have babies with the opposite sex (Homosexuals with Lesbians for example).
    Another point that should be taken into consideration is that their number always equals at least 5% of Humanity and that will always be more than the number of nuns and priests…

  2. He is an italo-american writer and poet! very close friend of mine. CITY TALKS – is the name I choose to mark his writings, just like the literary talks (clik on top right toolbar to find the page). Ciao Edimburgo!


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